Hydroscreed TG

Solvent Free Epoxy Screed


Hydroscreed TG is a solvent free epoxy screed for application  to new and existing concrete floors.  It provides a smooth easily cleaned surface which is resistant to inorganic acids, alkalis, salt solutions, oils, fats, and many aggressive chemical environments.

The system consists of a primer, screed and sealer that provides a continuous seamless flooring, designed for areas subject to heavy duty industrial use.  For specific chemical resistance and product information contact RJR  Technical Services on  0121-520-0888

Typical Uses

Hydroscreed TG has good chemical resistance properties and can be used for many applications in those industries where corrosive chemical attack is a problem.  The material is particularly suited where conventional cementitious material cannot be used.  It is widely specified in food processing areas, bakeries, breweries, manufacturing plants, pharmaceutical, chemical and heavy engineering facilities.

Benefits of Hydroscreed TG

  • Protects Against Oil and Chemical Spillage
  • Can be Applied on Vertical Surfaces
  • Hardwearing and Abrasion Resistant
  • Solvent Free System
  • Slip Resistant
  • Easy to Apply, Even to Damp Surfaces


Finish Slip Resistant. Solid colour, Cure Time at 25   °C
Appearance: TGW grade contains a white aggregate      24 Hours Foot Traffic
   With Urematt Sealer Matt      48 Hours Heavy Loads
   With Ureseal Sealer Low Sheen        5 Days Full Service
Colours Red, Green, Blue, Grey & Buff Flash Points: All Components
  Other colours are available, subject      Primer > 60 °C
  to minimum  order quantities.      Screed > 60 °C
Components:      Sealer (Urematt) Base 4 °C, H’ner 40 °C
   Primer 2      Sealer (Ureseal) N/A,  Solvent Free
   Screed 3 Shelf Life
   Sealer 2 or 1      Liquids 12 Months
Application Method Trowel      Powder   2 Years
Substrate Concrete   (Stored   Unopened Containers).
Curing Mechanism Chemical Reaction Pack Sizes:
Typical Thickness 5 mm Nominal      Primer   4.8 Kg Unit
Pot Life at 20 °C      Screed 23.8 Kg Unit
   Primer 30 mins      Sealer (Urematt) (Uematt)   4.1 Kg Unit
   Screed 45 mins      Sealer (Ureseal)   5.0 Ltr Unit
   Sealer 60 mins      
Coverage  Rates (Per Pack)  Physical Strengths  (7 days at 20 °C)
    Primer 10.00 -17.00 m² Density   2.0
    Screed   2.00 m² Compressive Strength   50 N/mm²
    Sealer (Urematt) 25.00 – 35.00m² Tensile Strength   15 N/mm²
    Sealer (Ureseal) 30.00 – 40.00m² Adhesion to Concrete > 5 N/mm²
  An allowance should be made Flexural Strength   30 N/mm²
  for surface porosity and texture.  
Equipment Cleaner  GP Cleaning Solvent  

Application Instructions


Surfaces must be free from dirt, laitence and any contaminants.  Mechanical abrasion, such as grit blasting or scarification can be used where necessary to prepare the substrate.  Note Hydroscreed TG is not suitable for application to standard sand and cement screeds as it relies on a strong, stable and sound substrate such as concrete.

Any movement joints in the base screed must be reflected in the Hydroscreed TG, including their perimeter areas and floor upstands.

It is advisable to repair any damage to substrate or rectify any incorrect falls using a polymer modified screed, such as Hydrotop, available from RONJON RESINS LTD.


Primer – Pour the primer hardener unit into the contents of the primer base and mix with a suitable paddle.  Allow the mixed primer to stand for 10 minutes before application.

Screed – Mix the unit of the Hydroscreed TG base thoroughly using a slow speed electric drill to disperse the coloured pigment.  Add one unit of Hydroscreed hardener and again mix with a slow speed electric drill and pour the mixture into a mechanical mixer (Rotary Drum/Static blade) and add one bag of Hydroscreed powder, mixing for around 3 to 5 minutes.

Sealer – Thoroughly mix the Urematt sealer base unit with the sealer hardener using a slow speed electric drill and suitable paddle.  The Urematt sealer should be stirred well before use.


Summary – The primer layer can be applied by suitable brush or roller and the screed by rake and trowel.  The sealer can be applied by trowel and squeegee or brush and roller, depending on the grade used.

Primer – Apply an even coating over the surface area.  For vertical surfaces higher than skirtings use a vertical primer.

Screed – The screed layer should be applied immediately the area has been primed, while the primer is still tacky, however application must be carried out within 4 or 5 hours.

To gauge the screed thickness, 6 mm battens can be used when applying the well mixed screed, spreading evenly using metal rakes.  Level off with an aluminium straight edge and finish with a trowel float.  It is important that the screed is compressed using the trowel to produce a well compacted screed, but avoid over trowelling.

Sealer – Thoroughly mix the Urematt sealer base and hardener components together  and apply using a brush or roller to give an even thickness.  The Ureseal should be applied thinly and evenly by brush or roller, avoiding high film thickness.  Any excess should be removed by using a white rubber squeegee.

Note – If the system is to be used as a liquor retentive lining, a pigmented sealer coat comprising of screed resins should be applied by brush or roller

Health and Safety

Refer to the Hydroscreed TG Health and Safety datasheet before using the product.  It is advisable to wear impervious gloves when handling or applying Hydroscreed TG.  Any splashes on the skin must be immediately removed by washing with soap and warm water.  Do not use solvents for this purpose. Ensure adequate ventilation is available at all times, and avoid breathing vapour, using respirators in confined spaces.

It is the purchasers responsibility to ensure that the materials are stored and handled within the meaning of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974.

Conditions of Sale

All RONJON RESINS products are manufactured to high quality standards and sold subject to the company’s standard conditions of sale.  A copy is available upon request.