Fibreseal TC

Water Based Polyurethane Durable Wall Coating  


FIBRESEAL T C is a water based polyurethane resin system which provides a tough, easy to clean, durable surface that will out-perform conventional paint finishes.

Typical Uses

FIBRESEAL T C is widely used as a finishing coat for various systems, in areas exposed to dirt, dust and vandalism.  As the system will not support bacterial growth it is well suited to areas where hygiene is important.  Typically used in breweries, canteens, schools, hospitals detention areas, bus stations and subways.

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Benefits of FIBRESEAL T C

  • Easy to Clean and Maintain
  • Application Possible Over Most Surfaces
  • Highly Durable
  • Weather Resistant and Colour Stable
  • Low Odour
  • User Friendly System
  • Anti-Graffiti Properties
  • Vastly Superior to Water Based Epoxies
Finish Smooth; Gloss or Matt Coverage Per Pack 30 m²
Colours White, Cream, Light Blue Solids Contents 75 %
  Other colurs available subject to minimum order Light Green. Overcoating Time 16 Hours After Priming
Components 2 Dry Film Thickness 100 Microns Per Coat
Application Method Brush or Roller Pack Size:  
Substrate Existing  Clean Coatings and  Two Pack Unit 5.07 Kg (Total)
  Suitably Prepared Surfaces. Equipment Cleaner Warm Water
Curing Mechanism Chemical Reaction Shelf Life All Components 12 Months
Pot Life at 20 °C:     In Unopened Containers
Primer 90 Minutes   When Stored Correctly
Top Coat 4 Hours   Between 5°C and 30°C.


Application Instructions


(i) New Surfaces

The surface area must be free from laitance, oil and grease and preferably given a good detergent wash. The FIBRESEAL T C Primer should be used.

(ii) Existing Surfaces

If the existing coating is sound it can be washed and then lightly abraded to provide a clean, dry and dust free surface


All base components should be stirred thoroughly to disperse any settlement that may have occurred during shipment and storage.

Primer – Add the contents of the Primer Hardener to the contents of the Primer base unit and mix thoroughly. Use immediately, within the 90 minutes pot life. Overcoating is possible after 16 hours at 20 °C.

Top Coat – Add the contents of the FIBRESEAL  Top Coat Hardener unit to the contents of the FIBRESEAL  Top Coat Base and mix thoroughly with a mechanical stirrer until a uniform creamy consistency is obtained.  Use within the 4 hour pot life.


The Primer and Top Coat can be applied by brush or roller. Safety precautions for handling and applying the product must be followed at all times.

Do not apply the FIBRESEAL T C below 5 °C.  Equipment should be cleaned immediately after use with warm water.

Health and Safety

Refer to the FIBRESEAL T C Health and Safety Data Sheet before using the product. It is advisable to wear impervious gloves when handling or applying FIBRESEAL T C.

Any splashes on the skin must be immediately removed by washing with soap and warm water. Do not use solvents for this purpose.  Ensure adequate ventilation is available at all times and avoid breathing vapour.

It is the purchasers responsibility to ensure that the materials are stored and handled within the meaning of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974.

Conditions of Sale

All our products are manufactured to high quality standards and sold subject to the company’s standard conditions of sale.