Epoxy Mortar Kit

Solvent Free Epoxy Resin


Epoxy Mortar is a solvent free epoxy resin based material containing inert aggregates to form a tough and durable surface and widely used for repairs to concrete floors.

Typical Uses

Epoxy Mortar is supplied in a convenient “all-in-one” kit for use where a quick and easy repair is needed.  It is suitable for either patch repairs or more extensive repairs, where there is the requirement to place the floor area “back in service”.

Repairs are possible to epoxy resin flooring without the requirement of specialist equipment or applicators.

Epoxy Mortar can be used as a surfacer for vertical applications such as blockwork walls, prior to the application of a wall coating system.  For specific advice on chemical resistance and product information contact  RJR  0121-520-0888.

Benefits of Epoxy Mortar

  • Easy to Use System
  • Can be Recoated after Overnight Cure
  • Low Odour, Solvent and Phenol Free
  • Hardwearing and Durable
  • Easy to Apply
  • Good Chemical Resistance Properties
Appearance Closed Screed Surface Coverage Per Unit:
Colours: Natural Primer 2 m²
      (Black, Red, Grey, Buff and Green Screed 0.5 –  2 m²
  colours are available subject to a   Coverage rate is dependant on
  minimum order quantity).   application.  Allow for surface
Components:   porosity and profile.
Primer 2 Shelf Life All components 12 months in
 Epoxy Mortar 2   unopened containers. Protect
    from extremes of temperature.
Application Method Trowel Pack Size:       (12.34 Kg Unit)
Substrate Clean Sound Concrete Primer Base 1  x  0.170 Kg Unit
Curing Mechanism Chemical Reaction Primer Hardener 1  x  0.170 Kg Unit
  Screed Base 2  x  5.720 Kg Unit
Cure Time at 20 °C:  Screed Hardener 2  x  0.280 Kg Unit
8 – 12 Hours Walk on Time  
2 – 48 Hours Overcoat Time Physical Properties: (7 days at 20°C)
72 Hours Mechanical Loads Compressive Strength  42  N/mm²
7  Days Full Service Tensile Strength 8  N/mm²
  Flexural Strength 17 N/mm²
Pot Life at 20 °C 30 Minutes Adhesion to Concrete 5 N/mm²
Equipment Cleaner RJR Cleaning Solvent No.1   (Failure of Concrete).


Application Instructions


As with all systems the degree of preparation will determine the effectiveness of the product.  Surfaces must be free from laitence, loose dust, dirt and debris.

Mixing /Application

Primer – Simply mix thoroughly the units of Epoxy Mortar primer base and hardener together for 2 to 3 minutes using a pallet knife or similar tool.  Apply the primer to the area being treated using a suitable brush.

Screed – Thoroughly mix the screed “dough” base with the screed hardener in the container provided, using a slow speed electric drill and suitable paddle.  Apply by trowel to the still wet primer, at a minimum thickness of 5 mm.

Equipment should be cleaned immediately after use with RJR Cleaning Solvent No. 1.

Health and Safety

Refer to the Epoxy Mortar Health and Safety Data Sheet before using the product.  It is advisable to wear impervious gloves when handling or applying Epoxy Mortar.  Any splashes on the skin must be immediately removed by washing with soap and warm water.  Do not use solvents for this purpose.

Ensure adequate ventilation is available at all times, and avoid breathing vapour. Although the product is solvent free and low odour, the use of respirators in confined spaces is recommended.

Warnings and information concerning the safe handling of products are displayed on all containers.  It is the purchasers responsibility to ensure that the materials are stored and handled within the meaning of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974.

Conditions of Sale

All RJR products are manufactured to high quality standards and sold subject to the company’s standard conditions of sale.  A copy is available upon request.