The Importance of Damp proofing your Industrial Flooring

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When it comes to industrial flooring, it is inevitably put through its paces with heavy footfall and the use of heavy machinery, which will result in wear and tear. However, using the right industrial flooring materials and protective sealants will go a long way to ensuring the longevity, durability and usability of your industrial flooring.   One of these treatments is damp proofing. While you may not see the need for damp proofing if you haven’t spotted the obvious signs of damp in flooring surfaces, it can easily occur and go...

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The Biggest Risks to your Industrial Floor

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In any well-maintained industrial setting whether it be a factory, warehouse, engineering workshop or other, the floor is probably the part which can most often be subject to catastrophic damage. Industrial floors are usually made of concrete which although hard- wearing can be prone to corrosion. In this article we will look at the most common types of damage.   Moisture One of the biggest threats to any building of any type of construction is moisture. Dampness can seep into a building in various ways from the top to the bottom. A...

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The Benefits of a Damp proof Membrane in an Industrial Setting

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Dampness and its associated problems can appear in all sorts of buildings from domestic properties to schools to warehouses and other industrial buildings. It can be caused by a number of things such as flooding, leaks from water pipes or even from excessive humidity and can result in various health or health and safety-related issues. If the floor level of your building is below the level of the ground outside or the external structure of your building is damaged in some way, damp will eventually find its way inside. It can even penetrate up...

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How to ensure the workplace safety of your industrial unit

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As an employer you have a legal responsibility to ensure the safety of your employees within the workplace. This applies to all different kinds of working environments from retail outlets and offices through to warehouses and factories. Some of these businesses may be located in industrial units, and whilst many modern units are built to withstand heavy duty use, this doesn’t mean you can relax when it comes to ensuring workplace safety. Here’s a few helpful pointers for keeping on top of workplace safety in industrial units that will make...

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Steps To Take When Viewing An Industrial Property For Your Business

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Whether you’re a new business looking for industrial space or a well-establish company undergoing expansion, with buying or leasing an industrial property for your business there are a number of aspects to consider that differ from traditional commercial or domestic purchases. Whilst buying a domestic property or retail space you may look at more aesthetic elements, with industrial properties there are more practical aspects that should take precedence. We’re looking at the steps you should take when viewing an industrial property for your...

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The Biggest Industrial Buildings in the World

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There is a list of industrial buildings across the globe, the colossal size and make-up of which is spectacular. Built for the construction of large aircraft, or as immense warehouse projects, each calls for specialist construction and design and takes into account such factors as specialist flooring and wall finishes that will lend the building to the type of work that will be undertaken within each site. “Corrosion resistant durable floors, abrasion resistant floor topping, wall finishes that provide the impact resistant coatings, resistant...

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Floor Damage from Industrial Machinery

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Industrial and warehouse floors, no matter how professionally installed in the first place can sustain damage over time. This can be caused by all manner of things including regular movement of trucks and forklifts. Heavy machinery and equipment can move and vibrate during use and sometimes the sheer weight of equipment can eventually cause damage. All of this can start to break up a floor especially around joints and edges but any floor surface underneath heavy machinery can break apart and a badly damaged floor can have any number of...

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Choosing the Best Resin for the Job

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A resin based floor or wall covering can offer you an exceptional level of protection, durability and low maintenance, but with so many different types of resin available, it’s important to ensure you choose the best resin for the job at hand. At Ronjon Resins, we offer a wide range of specialist resin based materials for use as commercial and industrial flooring and walls that can withstand heavy traffic, exposure to a wide range of chemicals and give added safety. Here’s a brief guide on choosing the right resin for your circumstances....

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How to clean industrial floors

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Industrial floors need more than a quick blast with a vacuum to rid you of the stains and marks left over by the heavy footfall and debris they deal with on a daily basis – this is obvious. There are different types of flooring that are used in an industrial setting – but concrete is certainly the most popular. Here we take a look at cleaning processes for industrial flooring to give you an idea of what’s involved.   The problems with keeping floors clean Concrete is a popular choice of floor especially in factories. The issues you can...

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4 of the World’s Biggest Industrial Machines

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Here at RonJon resins, we’re always keeping up to date with the requirements heavy machinery makes on industrial flooring, but what fascinates us also is the innovations in engineering that have made these huge machines possible. It may seem like the world is getting smaller but the machines which work in it are getting bigger and bigger. Just take a look at these! The Giant Bucket Wheel Excavator Built in Germany in 1995 the Bagger 293 stands 315 feet high and 740 feet long. This mammoth machine, weighing in at 31 million pounds, is used for...

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