Ron Johnson has been a specialist flooring and coating manufacturer for over 40 years, with company’s Prodorite, Revertex, Yulle Catto, and Ameron.

In 2003 he started his own company Ronjon Resins Ltd. Able to produce specialist materials, for all over the world namely, Denmark, Germany, Singapore, Hong Hong, Taiwan. He has a team of specialist applicators he can call upon to apply materials on site.

His technical team can resolve any problems you have with flooring and coatings. The company also allows itself to Toll Manufacture when required.

Floor Protection Systems

  • Corrosion resistant durable floors for areas subject to chemical spillage and heavy wheeled traffic.
  • Smooth, abrasion resistant coatings with good chemical and oil resistant properties.
  • Hardwearing, resilient, waterproof and anti-split coatings.
  • High performance floor systems offering excellent chemical resistant properties.
  • Fully steam cleanable up to 100°C.
  • Attractive hard wearing terrazzo toppings, displaying a decorative aggregate mix.
  • Tough, self-levelling abrasion resistant floor toppings, resistant to a wide range of chemicals and agents.

Wall Finishes

  • Hygienic, seamless, chemical and impact resistant coatings which can also be steam cleaned.
  • Highly durable wall coatings that are weather resistant and will not support bacterial growth.
  • Durable, internal or external finishes from which graffiti can be removed.

Corrosion Resistant Cements

  • Synthetic resin cements with extremely strong adhesion to damp or wet surfaces offering a wide range resistance to organic acids, alkalis, salts, many solvents, oils and greases.
  • A range of Silicate and Latex cements are available where resistance to certain acids, alkalis or chemicals is needed. Grades can be tailored to meet specific requirements.
  • Seamless highly resilient steam cleanable Polyurethane screeds.
  • Chemical and abrasion resistant Epoxy Resin screeds and coatings.
  • Polymer modified Cementitious heavy duty oil resistant toppings.
  • Corrosion resistant cements for brickwork tiling and paving.

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