The Benefits of a Damp proof Membrane in an Industrial Setting

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Dampness and its associated problems can appear in all sorts of buildings from domestic

properties to schools to warehouses and other industrial buildings. It can be caused by a

number of things such as flooding, leaks from water pipes or even from excessive humidity

and can result in various health or health and safety-related issues.

If the floor level of your building is below the level of the ground outside or the external

structure of your building is damaged in some way, damp will eventually find its way inside.

It can even penetrate up through concrete floors. You will probably first notice a musty

odour before you begin to see actual damp patches spreading up the walls and across the



Effects of dampness in buildings

There are several different ways of tackling the problem of damp including installing a damp

proof membrane but if you do nothing about it you will soon start to see the ill effects.

Damp can damage the very structure of a building, causing the disintegration of brick,

concrete and stonework and the deterioration of paintwork, fabrics and timbers. Excessive

moisture could also damage sensitive machinery such as computer equipment. It goes

without saying that all this damage, if not corrected, can lead to expensive remedial work,

even involving the temporary shut-down of your premises if necessary.


Health problems caused by damp

Once damp gets a hold in a building it starts to spread and encourages the growth of mould,

fungi and harmful bacteria. Black mould is particularly harmful as it gives off spores which

can lead to the development or exacerbation of conditions like allergies, rashes, asthma or

other respiratory issues.

When damp spreads across the floor it can cause surfaces to become slippery or floor

coverings to become unsafe. All this could result in employees tripping or slipping and

sustaining injury to themselves. Whether a health issue – or a health and safety issue –

there could be unwanted expense incurred through workers taking time off or even

launching a litigation case against the company for injuries sustained on an unsafe floor.


Take preventive action with a damp proof membrane

The way to ensure your industrial floor remains damp proof and useable couldn’t be easier.

Ronjon’s Damp Proof Membrane and Damp Surface Primer is a solvent-free two pack epoxy

coating solution designed for use on wet, dry or damp surfaces. Very easy to apply, epoxy

coatings are ideal for well-used areas and after application the area treated can be brought

back into use quickly.

Make sure the area to be treated is prepared and cleaned thoroughly first. Mix the base and

hardener together thoroughly then apply using a brush or roller. The mixture stays workable

for 1 hour 20 minutes and will leave a gloss or matt finish depending on the wetness of the

substrate. The treated area will be fully dry in 24 hours.

Why take unnecessary risks with your premises and your staff when there is such a simple,

affordable solution available?

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