Steps To Take When Viewing An Industrial Property For Your Business

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Whether you’re a new business looking for industrial space or a well-establish company undergoing

expansion, with buying or leasing an industrial property for your business there are a number of

aspects to consider that differ from traditional commercial or domestic purchases. Whilst buying a

domestic property or retail space you may look at more aesthetic elements, with industrial

properties there are more practical aspects that should take precedence.

We’re looking at the steps you should take when viewing an industrial property for your business to

ensure you make good, informed and sound decisions that are right for your business now and in the

long term.



Naturally, prices for leasing and buying are lower with industrial property vary depending on the

location, with out of town areas often having considerably lower price. However, before you’re

driven by low prices alone, it’s important to consider the logistics of the location in relation to your

business. If the industrial building is being used for housing stock or producing products, always

factor in the additional costs of transporting goods to where they need to go and the convenience of

transport links. A great location far away from the hub of your business, could end up costing you

more in time and money in the long run.


General Condition

As with any property purchase and even with leasing, it’s a good idea to get a structural survey of

the building if you’re serious about buying or renting. Knowing the current or potential issues right

from the beginning will allow you to budget for any improvements, repairs or general maintenance.



In addition to this, a hugely important factor is the flooring. Industrial floors are subject to much

heavier use, whether it’s a warehouse, workshop or full-scale factory, so you should always check

the floor is intact and well cared for. If it isn’t you need to factor in the costs of making the

appropriate installations or improvements, whether it’s Hydrobond Screed designed for heavy duty

industrial use or Hydroscreed TG that can withstand contact with numerous chemicals.


Size Matters

With any purchase or lease, you need to look further down the line. If your budget allows, try to look

at slightly larger industrial properties with the potential for future expansion. This will give you more

flexibility and cause the least disruption to your business as you grow in the years to come.

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