The Biggest Industrial Buildings in the World

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There is a list of industrial buildings across the globe, the colossal size and make-up of which is

spectacular. Built for the construction of large aircraft, or as immense warehouse projects, each

calls for specialist construction and design and takes into account such factors as specialist flooring

and wall finishes that will lend the building to the type of work that will be undertaken within each

site. “Corrosion resistant durable floors, abrasion resistant floor topping, wall finishes that provide

the impact resistant coatings, resistant to a wide range of chemicals” ( are

all essential. The following buildings ae just a few of the most enormous and well recognised

industrial buildings across the world.


Boeing Everett Factory

Situated in Everett in Washington and covering 4.3 million square feet. In order to put this into

some perspective consider the fact that all of Disneyland could fit into the area covered and it would

still leave 12 acres left over for parking! The site is so huge that it has its own fire department,

security team and fitness centre as well as several cafes. The main corridor is more than half a mile

long and it is said that 2142 average size homes would fit into the site. The 30,000 people employed

here, working in shifts, could certainly keep fit by choosing to walk around the perimeter of 2.2 miles

each day. Built specifically to house the assembly of the Boeing 747, this colossus of industrial

buildings now has over 1000 visitors today on the tours conducted around the site.


Target Import Warehouse

Found in Georgia (not easily missed!), and covering 2 million square feet, this building is owned by

Target Corporation, the second largest discount retailer in the US. It was built to handle large

shipments of imports prior to them being shipped to other regional distribution centres owned by

the company. It is the biggest of 4 import warehouses owed by the company.



Currently housing an indoor theme park, but originally build as a Hangar to accommodate giant

airships, it is easy to see how this building of 184 million cubic feet (and hence the biggest building in

the world according to volume could be transformed into the Tropical Islands Resort that it has since

become. Situated in Germany, this is the biggest free-standing hall in the world. It now houses a

Tropical Village, with houses copied form designs in Borneo, Thailand, Samoa and Bali; a Rainforest;

A Tropical Sea and the Bali Lagoon, just to give you an idea of the actual size. A children’s play area

and a sauna and spa have been recent additions, so there is something to grab the attention of the

many thousands of visitors every year.


The examples above are just a few of the largest industrial buildings in the world, whether judged by

actual floor area or cubic capacity. Each is enormous and they are all examples of assembly of

aircraft, retail or, in the case of the Aerium, cleverly adapted to the leisure industry. Covering vast

areas and presenting different and sometimes similar challenges to the design team. All would call

for practical but specialised solutions to durable surfaces that can rise to the challenge of thousands

of employees and visitors in each building. Whatever the use, each of these buildings is a worth a

look if you are ever fortunate enough to get the chance.

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