Floor Damage from Industrial Machinery

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Industrial and warehouse floors, no matter how professionally installed in the first place can

sustain damage over time. This can be caused by all manner of things including regular

movement of trucks and forklifts. Heavy machinery and equipment can move and vibrate

during use and sometimes the sheer weight of equipment can eventually cause damage.

All of this can start to break up a floor especially around joints and edges but any floor

surface underneath heavy machinery can break apart and a badly damaged floor can have

any number of expensive consequences.

 A fractured surface can suffer contamination from oils, greases and corrosive

substances. It can cause employees to slip and a broken up, uneven surface can

leads to trips and falls. In turn this can result in expensive health and safety

breaches and possibly personal injury claims.

 A damaged or cracked floor can start to cause operational concerns in machinery

which needs to be kept stabilised.

 A damaged floor surface can damage forklift tyres.

 A damaged or uneven surface can create difficulties in moving equipment or

pushing trolleys around.

Once damage has set in and, if not put right promptly, it can prove expensive to repair. A

large scale repair job can lead to loss of productivity and a resulting dip in profitability.

Protect your floors

The easiest way to avoid all this is to protect your industrial flooring in the first place and

there are several ways you can do this. The first option could be to place heavy duty

rubberised matting underneath heavy machinery. However this may not be a permanent

solution as rubber matting can eventually break up or move with machinery vibration or


A better way would be to seal and protect your flooring and we can supply a range of quality

resins and screeds specially designed for the job.

Our Hydrobond Screed is perfect for heavy use areas such as warehouses, factories and

engineering shops. It can be laid over new or existing floors as well as in basements and on

suspended floors. This hard-wearing and cost effective system will protect your floor from

damage and ultimately protect you from any health and safety issues.

Should your floor be suffering from any cracks or damage an Epoxy Mortar Kit is suitable for

quick repairs to smaller areas.

For advice on our extensive range of industrial flooring solutions please call us on 01902

491772, or call our Technical Services on 0121 5200888.

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