4 of the World’s Biggest Industrial Machines

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Here at RonJon resins, we’re always keeping up to date with the requirements heavy machinery makes on industrial flooring, but what fascinates us also is the innovations in engineering that have made these huge machines possible. It may seem like the world is getting smaller but the machines which work in it are getting bigger and bigger. Just take a look at these!

The Giant Bucket Wheel Excavator

Built in Germany in 1995 the Bagger 293 stands 315 feet high and 740 feet long. This mammoth machine, weighing in at 31 million pounds, is used for excavating open mine operations and needs five operating personnel to move it around. Its huge bulk means that it is not exactly nimble and has been known to trundle over anything in its path, including other bulldozers!

The World’s Largest Tunnelling Machine

Nicknamed Bertha, this tunnel borer is 300 feet in length, has a diameter of 57.5 feet is five storeys tall and weighs 7000 tons. It was transported to Seattle in 31 pieces for the purpose of replacing the Alaskan Way Viaduct highway with a tunnel. Bertha is capable of effortlessly boring through tons of soil, rock and glacier.

The World’s Biggest Ship

Although it looks like a ship, and it operates on the water, the Prelude is technically not a ship. It is a floating natural gas facility which was designed to capture, process and store liquid natural gas extracted from deep within the earth. This giant vessel is 1600 feet in length; if you stood it on its end it would stand 150 feet taller than the Empire State Building. The hull was constructed in two halves which were then joined together to give a total width of 243 feet. Fully laden it weighs 600,000 tons and its storage tanks have a capacity equivalent to around 175 Olympic swimming pools. She is anchored to the sea bed by a 305 foot turret which allows it to pivot with the wind and with three 6,700 hp engines she is fully capable of withstanding a category five hurricane.

The World’s Biggest Dumper Truck

Named the Belaz, this is a massive earth-moving machine which weighs in at 800,000 pounds. It is equipped with two 16 cylinder engines which make 13,738 lbs of torque, the equivalent of seventeen pick-up trucks. All this power means the Belaz can move around 450 tons of soil at 25 mph with ease. At 67 feet long its 63” wheels have a 65 foot turning radius. It has an onboard automatic tyre pressure control system, video cameras, heating and air conditioning. Who says driving the world’s biggest earth mover can’t be comfortable?

Of course, the machines you use won’t likely be as big as these monsters, but you’ll still need industrial flooring that allows for the weight and specific requirements of the machines you use. For help protecting those floors, why not take a look at our range?

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