The Biggest Industrial Buildings in the World

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Dating right back to the industrial revolution, industrial buildings and factories have been, and continue to be of huge importance to the developing world. An industrial building could be important to any type of business, from factories and warehouses, to distilleries and power plants, and industrial buildings not only need to provide practical and technical facilities but also need to provide the right environment for employees. Here, we look at some of the largest industrial buildings in the world – all planned carefully, from industrial flooring to ceiling provide just the right environment of industry.

Boeing Everett Factory

Based in Everett, Washington USA and completed in May 1967, the factory specialises in the assembly of aircrafts. The largest industrial building in the world, its volume is a huge 13,385,378 metres in volume and covers a massive 98.3 acres.

The building holds around 15,000 employees creating Boeing 747, 767, 777 and 787. The building itself contains a staggering twenty size ceiling mounted cranes and one million light bulbs and does not have a heating system, due to the 15,000 employees and factory machinery used creating enough heat.

Interestingly, the facility is so large that it requires its own fire station, police station and medical facility.

Target Import Warehouse

The second largest concession retailer in the US, Target has an import warehouse based in Lacey, Washington, this facility was built to handle the vast amounts of imports from overseas. With a volume of 7.43 million metres in volume, it’s almost half the size of the Boeing Everett factory.

Jean-Luc Lagardere Plant

This industrial facility in Toulouse, France, is where the worlds largest aircraft, the Airbus A380 is made. Completed in 2004, 5.6 million metres in volume and 122,500 metres squared in floor area, the Jean-Luc Lagardere is large enough for the final assembly of the Airbus aircrafts.

Due the short delivery deadline of the first Airbus A380, the Jean-Luc Lagardere Plant had to be built quickly, this included ensuring the technical equipment needed for the aircraft assembly and testing could be installed and used straight away.

The projects contractors building the facility were so organised and efficient that the first aircrafts could be built simultaneously and the overall build took just three years, from 2001-04. The centre is known as a mixed development zone, meaning that the site is so big it has it own restaurants, a congress centre and fuel station.

NASA Vehicle Assembly Building

The Kennedy Space Centre, Florida USA is home to the world’s largest single-storey building in the world and also the tallest building within a rural area. This 32,374 metre squared factory is where NASA build their space launch vehicles.

The building holds 125 ventilators, which help make up a vast air conditioning system to ensure moisture is kept under control and to help avoid clouds forming, as the building is so large that it has potential to develop its own weather system. The Florida climate also means that humidity and moisture could build up more easily so that ventilation and air conditioning system is very important.

These buildings show the importance of having the right facilities for the manufacturing of products, whether it is large commodities like aircraft or machinery, or smaller products like clothing merchandise. An industrial building needs to be thoroughly planned to ensure efficiency and productivity within a business.

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