Checking and Maintaining Industrial Flooring – Lowering the risks

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Flooring is often a topic that gets overlooked when it comes to health and safety but it is integral to the wellbeing of your employees and business, especially when it comes to industrial flooring. As ever, it is better to remove the possibility of any accident before it occurs and that is why it is important to get the safety of your floor checked for damage on a fairly regular basis. 

Industrial Flooring IS built to last but….

Many people consider the fact that industrial flooring tends to be made up of concrete and think this is one of the strongest and most durable platforms to build on. Of course this is true, but even concrete can feel the effects of wear and tear – it is susceptible to the tolls of daily grind and can be affected by all sorts of factors such as temperature, chemical and mechanical damage.

Damage can occur from all sorts of reasons and especially if you are not taking the time and attention to prevent it. The issue is that the majority of us simply aren’t educated on flooring and the effects that damage can have, this means not only are we unable to prevent damage from occurring but we also have to pay the price to fix it.  The regular erosion of concrete can leave it susceptible to damage and therefore create risk. By not maintaining industrial flooring, it is likely going to result in you having to pay more for expensive reconstruction work for your entire floor space and you don’t need us to tell you that this can cause major disruption to any business. 

Conducting regular checks

So how do you avoid this? Well there is a fairly simple solution and it is as basic as ensuring you have regular flooring checks. How often do we mean by regular? This is generally dependent upon the nature of the work. If your company uses heavy lifting machinery etc. and as a result the flooring is more susceptible to wear then it might be advisable to have several checks a year – you can always consult a professional flooring repair service and they should be more than happy to give you an estimate of how frequently you should have your facilities checked. 

By doing this and catching damage before it occurs, you are going to be significantly reducing the risk of a serious accident – something you would likely be liable for as the damaged flooring would be to blame – and also the cost of getting the flooring fixed at that early stage. Catching damage before it is anything significant can be as simple as noticing some slight cracks in the flooring to unevenness. 

It is also important to be thorough! By having a professional surveyor come in they should be able to give you an accurate idea of the health of your flooring and whether it is necessary to move around any heavy equipment or machinery to check the floor. This is an area that you shouldn’t check by yourself, as the chances are you will be putting your own safety at risk and it might be entirely unnecessary. 


Therefore in order to avoid damage to industrial flooring you should perform regular checks, know that no issue is too small and be sure to hire quality professionals for an accurate analysis. Taking these steps will save you money, time and a lot of headaches if something goes wrong.



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