Choosing the Right Industrial Flooring for your Needs

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Industrial buildings such as warehouses, laboratories or garages have different requirements to standard commercial buildings when it comes to flooring. The flooring needs to be able to withstand heavy-duty machinery, chemical substances and intense usage without cracking or corrosion occurring. This is why it’s essential to choose the right type of industrial flooring to suit your business needs and there is quite an extensive range to choose from.

Most industrial flooring will consist of multiple layers with multiple purposes to create a hardwearing surface that will stand the test of time and an industrial workload. Some of these layers can include a moisture barrier, sub-grade layer and load-bearing layer, which makes them stronger and better equipped to cope with the heavier usage. When choosing the right flooring, you need to consider what type of strain your day-to-day business will put on the surface.

Consider what your flooring needs are

If you require flooring for commercial buildings such as school laboratories or commercial buildings that may require a more aesthetically pleasing finish, then the Hydrocote 400 is the perfect solution. It’s a durable, solvent free epoxy solution, which is easy to apply and perfect for coping with diluted chemical spillages that may occur in this type of environment. Plus it is dustproof and oil resistant and has a slip resistant finish for maximum safety.

Can your choice of flooring live up to heavy demands?

For a more robust flooring product for large chemical plants, breweries, laboratories and floors that are regularly exposed to concentrated chemical substances then the epoxy screed Hydroscreed TG is the way to go. This product can be applied to new or existing concrete floors, including damp surfaces and is exceptionally resistant to corrosion from acids, alkalis, fats and salts.

For areas that are less exposed to chemicals, but still require a heavy-duty and durable floor surface, the Hydrocote 500SL, is a great solution. It is perfect for use in industrial and commercial buildings, such as warehouses or factories that may still have exposure to mild chemical spillages and heavy machinery. This product is a two-pack epoxy coating similar to the Hydrocote 400, so provides abrasion resistant properties, a non-slip surface that is also dustproof and oil resistant, but the advantage of the Hydrocote 500SL is it has a self-levelling top layer, which makes application easy and more cost effective, as well as leaving a smooth and easy to maintain floor.

Considering ventilation

If you have a poorly ventilated area that requires a less heavy duty use, such as kitchens, garages food preparation areas or storage areas, then the Hydrocote WD is the way to go. With dustproof and oil resistant properties and good resistance to diluted chemical spillages it’s easy to apply and easy to maintain too.

All of these flooring solutions come in a range of different colours, so you can also choose the right colour to suit your aesthetic needs as well.

For more information on making the right choice for your industrial flooring needs, why not contact Ron Jon for expert technical advice with a professional service.

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