Industrial Flooring – What is it and how does it work?

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Industrial flooring is flooring specifically designed for buildings that are intended for industrial purposes such as warehouses, plants and laboratories. Industrial flooring has its set of unique characteristics that distinguish it from other types of commercial flooring. This is because their design is such that the flooring can withstand extremely heavy weights exerted by heavy machinery without cracking or suffering corrosion resulting due to spillage of industrial chemicals.


The difference between commercial and industrial flooring

Because of the different functions of industrial and commercial flooring, there are several differences between their flooring needs. On major difference is their structure. While commercial flooring is made of simple layers consisting of a wear resistant protective top layer and a high-density back layer underneath, industrial flooring can consist of complex multi-layered structures such as a moisture barrier, sub-grade layer, sub-base layer and load-bearing layer. Due to this structural difference, industrial floorings are stronger, more durable and more expensive than commercial flooring.


What types of industrial flooring are available?

A wide variety of industrial flooring products are available on the UK market, and factory and laboratories can easily choose a product that best suits their needs. These products include:


Hydrocote 400

This is a solvent free epoxy coating that is suitable for use in school laboratories and commercial floors due to its high resistance to corrosion from diluted chemical solutions. It is highly durable and has good abrasion resistance. It is also dustproof and oil resistant.

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Hydroscreed TG

This is an epoxy screed that is suitable for highly sensitive laboratories, large chemical plants, breweries and floors that suffer from frequent exposure to highly concentrated chemicals. It is highly resistant to corrosion even from concentrated inorganic acids and alkalis as well as salts and fats. Hydroscreed is applied both on new and already constructed concrete floors. It is also slip resistant and can be applied even on damp surfaces.

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Ron Jon Damp Proof Membrane and Damp Surface Primer

This is an epoxy coating whose application is mainly on wet and damp surfaces. If used as primers, they enhance adhesion when over coated and when used alone; they provide a dustproof, chemical resistant surface that is quite easy to clean. Both the membrane and primer are suitable for use in areas prone to moisture accumulation. However, they can also be used on both new and refurbished concrete floors.

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Epoxy Mortar Kit.

This is an epoxy with a resin base whose main use is to repair concrete floors and thus extend their lifetime. It forms a tough and durable coating made of inert aggregates on top of the damaged area. It is quite easy to apply and has a very little odor after application.

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Hydrocote 500SL

This is a two-pack epoxy coating that is similar to the Hydrocote 400 except that the top layer is self-leveling on application. It is also a high build epoxy coating while Hydrocote 400 is both medium and high build. In addition, it provides a dustproof and oil resistant surface that is easy to clean while having high abrasion resistance.

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Hydrocote WD.

Hydrocote WD differs from the Hydrocote 400 and Hydrocote 500 SL in the sense that it is water dispersed epoxy coating. It’s used mainly on light duty floors like those of kitchens, garages, and storage areas. It is actually the best flooring for poorly ventilated areas. It is dustproof and resistant to dilute chemical solutions making it easy to clean.

Some of the products above are dangerous if not handled properly. When using or installing this type of flooring you must refer to a safety guide or a Material Safety Data Sheet on how to mix and apply the coating. The company supplying these products will provide the MSDS together with the product.

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